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February 13, 2024

Tim Powers Voice Coaching

Tim Powers Voice Coaching

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Services Provided:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Web Hosting

Voice of Powers is a voice over coaching website for Tim Powers. Tim is a veteran voice actor and voice over coach. Tim has worked with several reputable companies including Netflix, Disney, Square Enix and Capcom.

The goal was to create a new custom website that was modern, fun and unique; basically, a website that will best reflect Tim's personality, interests and career. The theme for the new website was to be mid-century modern, retro, atomic era. The main inspiration was 1960's Marvel comics and Ren & Stimpy.

Here's how his website looked before we began.

Tim Powers Website Before
Tim Powers Website Before

Our Solution:

We started by creating a brand identity guideline with a new font type, color palette and mid-century-modern inspired graphics. All graphics are custom made and added throughout the website. We added texture throughout the website to transform plain colored sections into paper textured, comic-book looking sections. The entire website was built website from scratch. No template.

Custom Website Design

Websites and website builders that use templates and pre-made themes contain lots of bloat and often cause incompatibility issues—especially when plugins go out of date.

The design was optimized to include several call to actions for the voice over coaching services and demo audio was necessary to be accessible throughout the site.

The website was previously hosted with a hosting provider that did not have the right speed and security necessary for a modern website to thrive. The website also lacked an https certificate. We optimized every aspect of the website from the ground up. We launched on our secure servers and finally, optimized all content and images for speed and SEO.

Don't use themes! Contact us today for a custom built website.

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