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Merchant Services

Payment Processing

Our Merchant Services can help to
Lower Your Transaction Fees.

Get setup with the best way to accept payments in-person and online. We want our clients to succeed and no one should be paying more than 2.99%. 
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Merchant Services

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are made up of two separate fees; the processing fee and the interchange fee. The processing fee is the small markup from the payment processor for handling the transactions or batches. The interchange fee is the rate directly associated with the card type or bank used to handle the transaction. Interchange rates are non-negotiable and are the same for everyone.

Lower Your Fees

We take a look at your merchant statements to educate and offer the most competitive rate for you and your business. Our clients receive the lowest transaction fees. Period. Ask us about cash discounting.

Invoicing & Recurring Billing

For subscription-based businesses, smooth and reliable payment processing is crucial. Recurring billing is a powerful tool that automates regular payments from your customers, streamlining your operations and boosting revenue predictability.

Let's Lower Your Rates

Get connected with Real Nice Websites and let's lower your fees.

Don't Pay More Than 2.99%

If you’re looking to reduce your transaction fees, then contact us today to learn how our merchant services can help your business. Let us help you reduce fees so that your business can earn more. Businesses shouldn't be paying any fees. Ask us about cash discounting programs and contact us today.

Get Real Nice Results

Get connected with Real Nice Websites today and optimize your internet presence from the ground up.
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