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March 8, 2024

Google Core Update March 2024: What Does it Mean?

Google Core Update

Breaking Down the Latest Google Core Update

Google is constantly updating its search guidelines to try to combat spam. Every few months, they release a "Google Core Update", making changes to how websites and pages rank. The latest one had a few key points:

  • Improved Ranking: In this Google core update, they're changing their ranking systems to better identify helpful, original content. This means less unoriginal content - what they consider "spammy" or AI-generated - and more high-quality information for users. Google is transitioning to more forums, discussions, and answers from other people.
  • Reduced Low-Quality Results: Building on previous updates, Google is further reducing low-quality, unoriginal content by an estimated 40% through a March 2024 core update. This update focuses on identifying unhelpful websites and those created primarily for search engines, not users.
  • New Spam Policies: Google is updating its spam policies to address new and evolving tactics used to manipulate search results. This includes:
    • Scaled Content Abuse: Taking action on content produced at scale, regardless of whether AI or humans are involved, if it lacks value and aims to manipulate search ranking.
    • Site Reputation Abuse: Addressing low-quality content hosted by otherwise reputable websites, such as payday loan reviews on an educational website.
    • Expired Domain Abuse: Combating the repurposing of expired domains to boost search ranking of low-quality content.

These updates aim to provide users with a more helpful and trustworthy search experience by significantly reducing low-quality content and promoting high-quality websites.

What the March Google Core Update Means For Businesses

However, recently there have been many complaints and studies about Google search getting worse and worse. It's getting harder to rank for keywords organically, and some of these new updates are doubling down on that. Most of top results shown in Google are forums like Reddit, Google Business listings, and search queries that are similar to what you looked up.

So what does this Google core update mean for businesses? Nobody is quite sure how to conbat some of these new changes. However, at Real Nice Websites, we came up with a few ideas. 

  1. Encourage customers to leave a review. Encourage your customers to post pictures on Reddit of finished projects or products they’ve received, mentioning your business by name.
  2. Target directly within forums with PPC marketing. Reddit and Quora both offer advertising that is displayed to users on their sites. If Google is prioritizing these sites for ranking position, you may be able to benefit from that.
  3. Embrace Local SEO. Google Business Profile optimization and local citation building might gain even greater importance. Making sure that your business information is accurate and consistent across different platforms may become an even more important factor in local search visibility.
  4. Keep up with your reviews. Review management is more important than ever. With pages and posts being shown less often, positive reviews can help increase your business listing itself.

Let Real Nice Websites Be Your Guide

At Real Nice Websites, we handle all aspects of your internet presence, optimizing your business from ground up. We're committed to staying ahead of the curve and helping you with the latest Google core update, as well as the many other constant changes in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Let's work together to ensure your website continues to rank high and attract your target audience!

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