Everything Aesthetics Medspa

Everything Aesthetics Medspa

Medical Spa Website Optimization

Services Provided:

Everything Aesthetics Medspa is a medical spa located at 301 Exchange Blvd in Rochester NY.

Their goal was to enhance their ranking on Google and increase discoverability for clients looking for cosmetic procedure services.

Our Solution:

First, we take a look at how the website is currently ranking and go from there. We take a look at hosting, site speed, design and we also take a look to see what is missing. The website was being hosted with HostGator, which is notoriously slow and in addition, has a bad reputation for thing like security. We went through all directories on the client's server to make sure no files were corrupted. We enhance their site's security by installing firewall protection and security plugins that will monitor the site's health and block bots and bad traffic.

Design optimization plays an important role in ranking. Google tracks how many visits a website receives, how long a user spends on that website and which pages, if any, they navigate to. When a website does not have proper design optimization, a user is likely going to leave the website immediately after visiting it. This leads to higher bounce rates and lower rankings.

We optimized the speed for Everything Aesthetics Medspa by compressing image sizes and removing unused content. We brought the website speed from 4 seconds down to a 1 second fully-loaded time. The average website takes about 6 seconds to load. Faster websites mean better ranking.

With the main foundation laid out, we then focused on the most important part of enhancing the ranking of their business. We optimized their website for search engines by focusing on location and keywords.

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