June 8, 2017

Square FREE Processing

Square FREE Processing

Square, Inc. is a merchant service that allows individual sales and payment processing. Square Register allows you to accept credit or debit cards via Smartphone or tablet even when you’re on the go. The Square card reader uses strong encryption techniques such as SSL and PGP making offline payments possible and more secure.

When making a payment the buyer simply swipes their card and the transaction is instantly processed. There are no hidden fees when you sign up. You only pay a percentage of the transaction processed which is automatically deducted from the payment. The standard processing fee is 2.75% for each swiped card payment or 3.5% + 15 cents for manually entered transactions.

When you sign up by clicking the link below you will be able to process up to $1,000 in sales for FREE!


Click the link below for FREE Processing up to $1,000!

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