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Fast Websites Rank Higher.

Having a website that loads fast is necessary to achieve a higher ranking on search engines like Google. We don't just built website, we build them right. It is important that the elements on your website are optimized to achieve the best performance scores.
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Speed Optimization Services

Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, having a website that is fully optimized for performance will in return increase your traffic and, as a result, boost your conversion rates. Slow websites do not appear on the top of search results. Google ranks websites higher based on how fast they perform. Websites that load fast also experience lower bounce rates. If your website takes up to 6 seconds or more to load, the probability of a visitor leaving your website reaches 106%.

Eliminate unnecessary plugins and scripts, ensuring faster loading times and a seamless user experience. Our websites are always optimized for minimal resource usage. Compressing images and serving your image in next-gen formats greatly reduce page load times.
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Optimize Your Performance

Speed Optimization

How To Speed Up Your Website

A good website should be optimized from the ground up with some of the following:
  • Faster Hosting: Official optimization guides state that hosting is the #1 factor when it comes to site speed. We use the #1 Top Rated, High-Performance-based servers with a 99.99% uptime.
  • Plugin Optimization: We identify slow plugins and offer faster plugins as alternatives. Inactive plugins should be deleted. All other plugins should be carefully updated.
  • Image Optimization: We resize and compress large images, while adding image specifications to optimize their performance and increase load times.
  • Before & After Reports: We provide before and after performance reports containing a detailed breakdown on page speed, load times and other components that may be slowing you down.

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